Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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The Visionaries are key individuals who united a fragmented nation into a strong and striving nation. The Visionaries mentioned in the course material are depicted in the profiles filling the outline of Israel. Hebrew reads in the opposite direction to western language, implying that facing the individuals to the left instead of to the right creates an image of positive progress in cultural awareness. The elements together suggest that the visionaries are the driving force behind Israel’s progress.

The image motivates a modern Zionist appreciative of the State of Israel to find out who the people where who helped establish it. The Academy’s course explores the lives of these individuals and their contributions, giving a student a wealth of knowledge that would be dear to them.

The illustration connects a Zionist to their inherent kinship and conveys that the Academy has put together scholarly and inspirational material. The image is characterized by wholeness, individual duty and kinship identifies with the motivations of individuals pursuing a unified goal.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.