A Story of Charactir



Charactir focuses on creating content that delivers a brand or project’s objective and intent with clarity to its audience. We focus on individuality and character to create a campaign to engage and build a successful rapport with an audience. Individuality and character is an already present and inherent trait that leads to successful projects, which Charactir develops and shapes to be engaging both visually and mentally.

With experience in multiple fields including Graphic Design, Illustration, 3D Modelling, Animation and Web Design, it has become evident that unique quality manifests within the synergy of variety and skill. Charactir has been a part of many successful projects which have been lead with a keen interest in their unique nature and an understanding of their role within the community and society as a whole. We find ourselves in a unique position to navigate our industry’s creative and technical environment to create exciting, relevant and personalised campaigns which help our clients to further their goals and keep their audience engaged.

Let’s work together to bring a unique quality to your brand or project!