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The website design repeats choices made in the identity and logo design to unify a specific look and feel. The main elements that are repeated throughout are subtle textures and drop shadows, which impresses the handmade look and feel of paper cutouts. Secondly, the shadows and cutouts create depth and dimensionality. The items are either popped up or pushed back, allowing animation in the form of receding shadows to create the effect of motion when hovering over certain elements.

The two patterns used depict texture or illustrated wrapping paper. Both are used to break the monotony of larger spaces or to convey cohesion between elements. The subtler pattern displays enough texture while not overwhelming the copy or the logo. The opposite is true with the darker diagonal line pattern, it is instead used as an element to define the border or dimensionality of other elements.

As patterns represent a kind of unifying juxtaposition, so does the fonts. While Merriweather feels handcrafted and friendly, Open Sans is more subtle and modern. What connects these two is the approach to letterforms on a technical level and the neat elegant feel from a creative standpoint. Headers use a bold Merriweather which stand with impactful grace and the warmth of Renaissance typography. Other elements switch between a thick Open Sans which makes for a great standalone, strong and precise font on buttons and in subheadings, and a thin well-spaced and easy to read weight for copy on screen. Both thick and thin versions are also placed side by side to split the importance and weight without the need for other elements.

The use of colours is repeated as found in the identity and logo. The brown, beige and yellow lend significantly to a welcoming and friendly feel. These colours also help the illustrations and work stand out, as they drop back being more subtle when colourful and vibrant tones are present on the page. The orange/brown and yellow give a hint of vibrancy to make sure it doesn’t become too dull or reserved.