Kohelet in Depth

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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The book of Kohelet follows a teacher as depicted and examined by the author who embarks on the journey of self realisation and attempts to understand the meaning of the human experience. The book of Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) is presumed to be written by King Solomon or another descendent of David. The contents revolves around the apparent futility of life lived apart from God. The opening and closing paragraphs including the reference to this futility, originally refered to in Hebrew as Hevel. The word Hevel can be interpreted as vapor or smoke, which is used in reference to the aspect of fleeting experience and the enigma of life.

The Academy explores this book and examines the complexity of the given teachings in order to unravel and find meaning in its contents. They questions the purpose of the message of futility and expand on the philosophical guidance given by the author and teacher in order to find understanding within its seeming contradicting views.

The artwork juxtaposes the chaotic and ever changing storm which the traveler finds itself in and the order and eternal grace which a Creator conjures within the very nature of chaos. Symbolism is used throughout the image to strenghen the concept of life’s fleeting and enigmatic ways, such as through the water, clouds and sunlight. Further more a circular shape is present in the glass sphere and the background of the storm, which represents the circular and endless nature of life.