Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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Maimonides is a highly influential figure in Jewish history, religion, politics and medicine, who played a very important role in strengthening his community. He classifies as a renaissance man through his multifaceted nature, which lead to the cubist depiction of him in the illustration. Cubism breaks the boundaries of naturalism and allows for the exhibiting of his various aspects and expresses how he lived beyond constraints.

He has been placed on a pedestal to represent his high status and to suggest the value of studying and reflecting on his life. The Academy’s course allows for an in depth view into his life, struggles and accomplishments, by delving into his work and life mission.

The imagery unpacks the different aspects of his story visually, beckoning a person to join the Academy in unfolding his complex nature. The character of the project is inquisitive and empirical” and makes use of a clever contrast of organization and spontaneity, creating a visual expectations of discovering the intricacies of a complex man.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.