The Ethics of Healing

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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The minimalist illustration of blood drop represents the sustaining of life, which is fundamental in the practice of medicine. Medical practice is in essence an intervention in the nature of life. The curving line cuts through the blood drop, splitting it into forward and backward facing shapes, which represents the line that separates right and wrong. The ethical implications of intervention by way of medicine in the flow of life is integral to the course material.

A Jewish practitioner of medicine would aspire to developing their personal ethics in medicine. The Academy’s course will help them by looking at Judaic teachings and clarifying what precedent it sets in answering deeply ethical questions within the medical field.

The Illustration reinforces the importance of seeking guidance when ethical decisions balance on the edge of a surgeon’s knife. The character of the project expresses the need for concern when dealing with the consequences of medical intervention through exemplifying decisiveness and a need for apprehension.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.