The Moral Path

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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The Mobius strip made using three colours with the words “Right” and “Wrong” imposed onto it, creates an illusory image that reflects the complex nature of morality as perceived by society. The visual puzzle of a simple strip folding back onto itself engages people to stop and think. It lightens expectation of a serious topic while still engaging the faculty of thought and logic.

Ethics can be challenging and requires both study and introspection. The image being a puzzle communicates how valuable comprehension of the topic is, through understanding the puzzle itself. The course presented by the Academy delves into the Torah, to explain how it views ethical issues and untangles an ambitious topic.

The imagery makes use of a visual device to compel future students to resolve a larger puzzle. The Academy’s course is an avenue to find the answer and broaden their understanding of the topic. The character of the project portrays mystery, complexity and charm, to convey how a difficult subject matter can be understood through contemplation and study.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.