The Sages

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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In Judaic tradition the Sages relayed the Torah’s knowledge and understanding between each generation up to the point it was written down. This inspired the use of the spiral to visualize how their ancestral leaders build and expanded Jewish religious and historical understanding through introspection into the future. The paper spiral links this historical chain to the present day and the folds represent a staircase built by the efforts of the Sages.

The ever expanding spiral elicits an image of greatness which inspires those with kinship involving Judaic culture. Prospective students would connect with this message, seeking to understand the knowledge passed down by the Sages as they hope to further the cause and build upon its foundational wisdom.

The boundless aspect of the spiral contained in the image, helps the Academy convey that they will put the seemingly immeasurable amount of knowledge into perspective. The character of the illustration speaks to intellectual and philosophical pursuits of individuals in being active, evolving and clever.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.