Timeless Tefillah

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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Ner Tamid, also known as the eternal flame in Judaism is a sanctuary lamp that hangs above the ark in every synagogue, which represents the seven-branched lamp that stood in front of the Temple of Jerusalem. It serves as a reminder that God is ever present, and therefore the light is never extinguished. The Ner Tamid serves as a reminder of constant dedication to religious practice.

“Soul and Structure” is a set of courses handling the various practices in Judaism and serves as a reminder to religiously practicing Jews that their customs and teachings have a greater importance attached to them. The course reintroduces the foundational principles to a practitioner who wishes to enhance his understanding of Judaism.

The string illustration of an interconnected and overlapping Ner Tamid creates an inspiring image of a united whole. The strings and nails become the sum of the parts making up the whole which represents strong foundation. Using these metaphors creates an identity of introspection, integrity and cohesion which illuminates the characteristics of the course material to people who seek wisdom and insight within their own religious lives.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.