What Makes a Good Life?

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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This course explores the thoughts of various modern day and traditional authors, including those with Jewish and other backgrounds. The ideas produced by these authors are brought together, reflected upon and discussed in light of Judaic teachings. The Academy examines the traditional wisdom in the Torah and measures modern day thoughts and opinions against its ancient teachings.

The artwork for the course presents a bookshelf opening up on a green vista, letting in light and life. This represents the great value and life inspiring contents within books. The colours are inspired by nature’s subtle but vibrant pallet. The artwork was rendered in 3D to support the image’s key features of light, texture and depth.

The Authors reveiwed include Brene Brown, Sheryl Sandberg, Jordan Peterson, Viktor Frankl, Pedram Shojai, Rolf Dobelli and reflect with Rav Kook, Rabbi Akiva, Rav Soloveitchik, Rabbi David Nossel, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Dr Erica Brown.