Yeshayahu in Depth

Client: The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning

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Two excerpts where taken from Isaiah, a book in the Jewish Bible, to create an image with deeper meaning. The relevant passages poetic reference to a vineyard well cared for but bearing bad fruit, symbolizing a nation gone astray and crashing waves, referring to the turmoil people brought upon themselves. Both passages present us with unfavourable and chaotic imagery, though in the illustration they are scenes depicted as serene, which creates a sense of hope.

The contrast and similarities are what foster a need for discussion and open an avenue for deeper study. The course, presented by the Academy, of Isaiah showing a conviction to restore his nation to one of peace and self realization, is what would bridge this gap.

The visual medium is used to aid the Academy in portraying a potential need a student of the Jewish Bible would have for knowledge and understanding of the subject. To intuitive knowledge seekers, a clever thought provoking character needs to be portrayed by the course imagery.

In collaboration with Jonno Cohen.